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Meet Siim, our Purchasing Specialist

Meet Siim, our Purchasing Specialist

Siim, Purchasing Specialist


Siim describes his everyday job as "Buying stuff for Click & Grow and making sure it gets here". His hobbies include football, music and international relations, which he studies at university. The latter turned out to be connection point between Siim and Click & Grow: "I actually found Click & Grow because their office was on the way to my morning walk to university. Over time I began to gain more and more of an interest in what Click & Grow does and once I understood I was hooked".


Which aspect of working at Click & Grow do you enjoy the most?

Of course my colleagues make my day each day but the flexible working hours plus amazing team events mean a lot to me.


What are some of the most important things you’ve learned at C&G?

The things I learned are hard to sum up in a short reply, but I have actually learned all I know about gardening (be it indoor or outdoor) and plants in Click & Grow. Before I came here I knew next to nothing, now I know a bit more than next to nothing. Also business fundamentals and negotiation processes are very important in my work so I have had to gain some competence in them.


What is your favorite place in nature?

Hiiumaa, the island that inspired the Smart Gardens.

Photo by Sas Kia on Unsplash


What is the biggest plant you’ve seen / most amazing plant you’ve had a chance to meet?

Especially as a kid the pry tree in my garden seemed immense.


Name a song that cheers you up every time:

In Bloom (Sub Focus & Wilkinson)


How many houseplants do you have?

Always one too few.


What is your favorite plant to grow in a Smart Garden?

Peppermint, definitely.

Peppermint growing in the Smart Garden 9.

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