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Pet-safe Smart Indoor Gardens

Bring excitement into your pet's life. Pet-safe, fun, healthy indoor gardens to keep them company. Fresh herbs for you and your furry friends!
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Buy nowGrow plants with zero effort right on your counter top.

Smart Garden 9

Includes basil, tomato and lettuce plant pods (3 each).

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Smart Garden 3

Includes 3 basil plant pods.

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Green Lettuce Plant Pods

Green Lettuce

Romaine Lettuce Plant Pods

Romaine Lettuce

Red Kale Plant Pods

Red Kale

Pak Choi Plant Pods

Pak Choi

Catnip Plant Pods


Red Pak Choi Plant Pods

Red Pak Choi

Rainbow Chard Plant Pods

Rainbow Chard

International shipping

International shipping

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Sprouting guarantee

Sprouting guarantee

If your plant doesn't sprout, we'll replace it

We plant a tree for every garden you buy

For every garden you buy

we will plant a tree


Choose pet-safe plants from our selection of 50+ plant pods

Grow nutritious treats for your pet with zero effort

Light-timer lets you calibrate the light cycle to keep your pets company while you're away

Herbs for you, treats for your pet

Plants grow 30% faster

Easiest way to bring some nature into your pets life


  • Robust build
  • Automatic watering, light and nutrient calibration
  • No mess – pet-friendly design keeps soil intact within the garden
  • Original selection of plants for you and your pet to try
  • Easily accessible growing area
  • No GMO's, herbicides or pesticides

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