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Click & Grow Wholesale Page

Click & Grow is an amazing electronic smartpot - with a definite WOW! factor.

It uses sensors, software and a nutrient system to grow beautiful, healthy plants and herbs. 

This state-of-the-art flowerpot with its sleek design and extra high gift value takes the frustration out of urban gardening and gives everyone access to a green thumb. 

Order now and get free S&H to every order exceeding $500.

Media Coverage

Our exclusive and well-designed product has received a lot of media coverage and been featured in:


Click & Grow Overview

  • Click & Grow is a state-of-the-art electronic smartpot that uses sensors, special software, and a fertilizer system to grow beautiful, healthy plants and herbs.

  • You'll never kill another plant again as the system measures all the necessary parameters and doses an exact amount of water, nutrients and air, according to the plants needs.

  • The indicator light will always let you know when to refill the water tank or replace the batteries

  • Starter Kit comes fully equipped with Mini Tomato, Chili Pepper, Basil or Cockscomb plant cartridge. Just add some batteries, water, and find a reasonably sunny spot.

  • Working principle is similar to regular printer. If you want to change the plant then you need to buy a new refill cartridge with the new plant, smartpot remains the same.

Reseller Support

  • All goods are available ex-works from our warehouse in Lancaster, PA (drop-shipping available) or Tallinn, Estonia.

Product Assortment

Currently our US offer consists of 4 different Starter kits equipped with Mini Tomato, Chili Pepper, Basil and Cockscomb plant cartridge. + 11 different refills.

The selection of refills consists of two segments- herbs and flowers. Here is the list of our refill cartridges: Garden sage, Basil, Coriander, Cockscomb, French Marigold, Lemon balm, Busy Lizzy, Mini Tomato, Chili pepper, Thyme, Lamb's ear, Painted Nettle, Sugar Leaf and China Pink.

Selling points

Click & Grow smartpot is most welcomed as a cool gadget, lifestyle product, gift item, corporate gift, interior design item

Order now and get free S&H to every order exceeding $500.

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