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Smart Garden 3 - Limited Edition Illustrated

Vibrant Flower Mix (9-pack)

There's nothing like fresh fragrant flowers to cheer anyone up or send the signal of love and caring. 

While cut flowers wilt within days, the Petunia, Busy Lizzie and Moss Rose in this Vibrant Flower Mix will continue bringing joy, beauty and fragrance all year round. And best of all- it takes zero effort with our Smart Herb Garden. 

  • You’ll get 9 plant capsules: Moss Rose, Petunia and Busy Lizzie plants that will last you a year!
  • You'll have the chance to grow fresh thriving flowers all year round
  • Compatible with the Smart Herb Garden 

N.B. We're switching to a more sustainable plant capsule system, and you might receive your plant capsules without the plastic around the Smart Soil. Click here to read about how to use them.

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