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Click & Grow Vision: Making Fresh Food Accessible and Affordable For Everyone

Click & Grow Vision: Making Fresh Food Accessible and Affordable For Everyone

Click & Grow Vision: Wall Farm

Click & Grow Wall Farm


When we created Click & Grow, we wanted to give literally anyone the joy of being able to grow anything, no matter their gardening skills or location. The joy of adding fresh, healthy and flavorful touches to the most special dishes. The boost in productivity and happiness that having live plants gives. But that's not all. If you're a Click & Grower and you own a Smart Herb Garden or a Wall Farm, you're not only regaining the control of what's on your plate, but also creating a future where clean, fresh, nutritious food is accessible and affordable for everyone everywhere. Here's how.


Click & Grow Wall Farm 


We are all aware of the environment and food crisis that we're currently in. To crunch on some numbers, in the US, your food has to travel anywhere from 1500 to 2500 miles to get on your plate.

Agriculture is responsible for 80% of our water consumption at a time when 13% of the world's population doesn't have access to clean water, and, according to the United Nations estimates, by 2030 almost half of the world's population will live in areas of high water stress

By 2050, we need to produce 75% more food to feed the growing population, yet we're already using 90% of the arable land, and soil is being swept and washed away 40 times faster than it's being replenished.

And despite all of that, about 30% of food is being wasted by farmers, stores and households, especially the fresh produce - greens, fruits and vegetables. 


These numbers are what keeps us up at night as individuals and keeps us going forward as a company, as we're trying to push ourselves and figure out how to solve these issues before it's too late.

And we have come up with a solution. Our rapidly growing R&D team has been working day in and day out, developing the Wall Farms, and here they are. In a nutshell, they're the Smart Herb Garden brought on a much, much bigger scale.


Click & Grow Wall Farms


These Wall Farms with their easy-to-use system, automation features and the state-of-art technology enables you to feed yourself, a whole family, a classroom, a restaurant or an office any time of the year with fresh, flavorful food that grows 30% faster than in your grandma's garden and has 600% higher vitamin content than anything you'll get in the farmer's market or Whole Foods

But that's not all - our farms consume 95% less water than any other traditional or urban farming method, and reduces the food miles by 97%. And, unlike the components of the hydroponic systems, the Smart Soil, which is the core of both your Smart Herb Garden and the Wall Farms, is 95% biodegradable or burnable.

To put it simply, we're doing everything in our power to be the first urban farming company that has made your future meals nutritious, economically practical, localised, healthy, effortless AND environmentally sustainable.


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Click & Grow Wall Farm Mini


This is what Click & Grow is about. At a time when everyone tries scaring you about how bad the future is, we're saying "Ok, let's turn things around and make it better." This is what you and over 250 000 other Click & Growers stand for when you Click & Grow your basil, lettuce, kale, strawberries or mini tomatoes in a Smart Herb Garden or a Wall Farm. Invite your friends as well, so we can truly make a change. All together.


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Click & Grow Wall Farm

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