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#TryThis: Our Branding Director: Hedi Mardisoo's Go-To Summer Drink!

We recommend staying hydrated this summer and this recipe that our Branding Director Hedi Mardisoo found is a great way to start! 

#TryThis: Sunday Morning Pancakes That Are As Healthy As Oatmeal!

If breakfast is your favorite meal of the day you must try this recipe by  @anatavaresstudios!

#TryThisThursday: Dry Your Own Mint Leaves

Do you find yourself wanting to do more with your garden? Has gardening really become too easy with the Smart Gardens? Well, why not try drying your own mint leaves?!

#TryThisThursday: Sun Dried Tomatoes

We have shared our favorite go-to Sun-Dried Tomato tutorial; it's an excellent DIY Mother's Day gift for the ultimate foodie mom!

#TryThisThursday: Avocado Pesto

Do you LOVE avocados? Do you LOVE your Click & Grow indoor garden? Well, we have the perfect recipe you NEED to try! 

NEW PLANT LAUNCH: Yellow Chili Pepper

Please give a VERY warm, and spicy, welcome to Yellow Chili Pepper! 

Bring your Smart Garden to your Holiday Table

When we initially invented the Smart Garden, we saw it as a way to make gardening easier; however, we hope that this year the Smart Garden can help make your Holiday season easier!

Red Hot Chili Peppers 101

We officially launched Red Chili Peppers and while they don't grow to the tune of "Californication," but feel free to add that yourself because music is said to help plants grow. We figured it was time to get acquainted with Red Chili Peppers!

Two Day Dill Pickle Recipe!

Drums in position, balloons blown up, ok it’s time…. today is the long awaited launch of Dill! And with it we are sharing one of our favorite pickling recipes. 

Basil Whipped Cream Frosting Recipe

If you're looking for another use for Basil, check out this recipe that one of the members of our Click and Grow community shared! 

Make your own soap with Click & Grow basil #DIY

how to make soap at home simple recipe

We love a good recipe, especially when it comes from a Click & Grower and features some fresh plants. 

Why Grow Red Shiso In An Indoor Garden: Uses And Health Benefits

All you need to know about Red Shiso - the alien herb that could.