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Sugar Leaf - The Natural Sweetener


Stevia or "Sugar Leaf" might not be the poshest representative of the plant kingdom - no bright flowers or coloured leaves, but this plant has some inner qualities that once tried are hard to forget.

We are talking about the substance steviol, which is abundant in the stems and leaves of the plant. Steviol is a natural sweetener which is 300 times sweeter than sugar. And yes, it is natural! Not artificial.

As all you coffee and toffee maniacs consume more than 60 grams of sugar per day, this could be your healthy option for your daily ration of sweetness. And as steviol is not related to sucrose, it is great for people with diabetes. The leaves can be used for hot and cold drinks, desserts and even fresh - just for impressing your friends or co-workers.

What does Click and Grow do with stevia? The plant is known to be notoriuously difficult to grow. It needs soil water levels to be constantly kept at 75-85% saturation. May seem impossible for a home gardener but a piece of cake for our equipment.

We are still polishing the fertilization programme, but we are close to perfect. Soon there will be stevias for everyone.

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