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Ambassador Ardi - someone with a track record of being able to kill a cactus!

As someone with a track record of being able to kill a cactus, I was obviously the perfect choice to test out the Click & Crow’s new smart gardens, although I call them pots. No pun intended. So basically, if those poor plants survive me, the company could sell these pots to… well, pretty much to everyone. You could buy the pot for your daughter and let her imaginary friend take care of it.



To be fair, from the two test pots I received, I did manage to kill one plant. So it’s a humongous improvement from my part. But I’m getting ahead of my story.

Anyone who’s seen Click & Grow smart gardens is really looking for a minimalistic and cool looking gadget. It’s pretty much like the robotic spider I bought earlier this year. It’s an awesome idea and you want to get one just to belong among the cool kids (no, you’re wrong; I’m way past my puberty). Since you think that an automated plant growing mechanism with a Palo Alto flavored look is an idea worth opening your wallet for, I take it that you’re not the best gardener in your flock. Because let’s face it, otherwise you’d grow those little suckers yourself and enjoy the pride spreading from your green thumb.

The thing with any gadget is that you gain some points for owning one but you lose some of the responsibility and gratification that doing the deed yourself provides. In our case, it’s not you who’s almighty Wizard of Soil; it’s really the smart pot. But that only takes the joy away from the real gardeners, not from people like you and me. We’re only winning. We have never seen up close how basil seeds start to sprout. The fact that it grows into a mini tomato instead, is irrelevant. It’s your child, your love is unconditional.

I must say, it has been a wonderful journey – the plant has grown faster than expected, first pebbles of leafs came out in 4 days. And now I can already count the tomatoes. Can’t wait till they become ripe. It’s oddly satisfying and personal. The pot’s clean and simple design disappears, leaving just you and the newfound flora. I never imagined of becoming so hooked in something as trivial as growing a plant. Now the first thing I do in the evening when coming back from the office – I walk to my mini tomato. “Honey, I’m home!” comes after that. Ok, I might need to work on that.



Maybe someday Click & Grow will send me a smart cactus pot. I would like a second chance. My thumbs are definitely getting greener.

Ardi Ravalepik Ambassador of CG

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