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5 Easy Everyday Things You Can Do To Reverse Deforestation

5 Easy Everyday Things You Can Do To Reverse Deforestation


Forests play a critical role in absorbing greenhouse gases and reversing global warming. Unfortunately, deforestation is going full speed for not only providing us with paper and clothing, but mainly - food.

Agriculture is the biggest force behind deforestation - farmers are forced to cut down immense amounts of forest to free up space for growing food for the ever-increasing population. Many are already aware of these issues and, as National Geographic says, "the number of of new tree plantations is growing each year." Forest conservation is a cause very close to our hearts, and, since the number of new forests "still equals a tiny fraction of the Earth’s forested land", we decided to take action.


First, we launched sustainable indoor gardening solutions, suitable for anyone's needs. Then, together with our community, we decided to reforest a clean-cut land approximately 20 miles from our headquarters. It turned into an amazing team field trip with our families, and we were able to fill the land up with 1200 trees in no time.


The team is carefully listening to the foresters advice. The go-pro on our online marketing manager Enno’s head makes him look like a legit coal miner. He seems to enjoy the look.


Even though this pic makes it look like we're just running around with shovels and buckets, the whole process was actually very well organized.



Founder/CEO Mattias showing his daughter how it's done. Or maybe it was the other way around?


In the meanwhile, our software developer Lasha found a moment to take some test shots for his upcoming VOGUE cover shoot. Which one do you prefer?


Tarmo and Kaarel, our logistics and production managers, stand by while little Viktoria does all the work...


Our little Spruce trees moved out of their Smart Garden 3 and nested in the new forest as well. They grow up so fast (120 days, to be exact)...


Hungry, a little sunburnt and happy, we decided to make this into a tradition.


Now, we need your help.

On a global scale, a batch of 1200 trees is nothing. What really makes a difference, is every single one of us doing those little things every single day, that together result in big changes. So we would humbly like to ask you to make minor changes into the everyday choices you make to help reverse the effects of deforestation:


1. Use less paper: Make sure you use both sides of the paper; take only the receipts you really need; print only the bare minimum and go electronic instead; reduce your use of napkins, paper plates and cups as much as you can.

2. Recycle and buy recycled products: There's definitely a place in your area where you can recycle your bottles at least. One Google search makes all the difference for the rest of your and your children's lives.

3. Only buy wood products that are FSC certified: This will ensure that these products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

4. Eat less meat and grow at least some of your own food: Don't get scared. Not having meat for just 3 meals a week make the world of difference, and you don't need a green thumb, a lot of place or even soil to grow your own basil, tomatoes or chili peppers.

5. Plant a tree: You can either do the Google magic and purchase a tree from your local forest management centre which you can either plant yourself or ask them to do, or grow out your own tree seedlings at home and then replant them somewhere outside!


 And while your trees are growing, check out our reforestation in action: 

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