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5 Practical Tips for Sustainable Eating

5 Practical Tips for Sustainable Eating

Sustainable eating plays a big role in any healthy lifestyle. It means choosing foods that benefit our bodies as well as the environment. Healthier diets, being more mindful of what we eat, creating less food waste… the benefits of sustainable eating are numerous. Here are a few steps you can take towards a more sustainable diet.

1. Grow your own garden - even if you live in an urban area

Growing food at home is easy with indoor gardens. You’re helping the planet by avoiding the pollution associated with commercially grown produce. No lorry journeys, no GMOs and no pesticides. Grow indoors with a Smart Garden and a selection of your favourite plant pods

2. Consume a wide variety of food

Why stick to what you already know? Be adventurous. Consume fruits and vegetables of varying colours. Colourful plates often mean more nutritious and interesting meals. With an indoor garden, for instance, you can grow plant pods such as yellow sweet pepper, red basil, purple chili pepper, and much more.

3. Reduce food waste

Food waste contributes to pollution. When scraps of food are dumped in a landfill, they rot and produce a greenhouse gas known as methane. Effective ways of reducing food waste include: composting, safely storing leftovers, serving smaller portions, and being realistic with the amount of food you buy. 

4. Choose ‘fair trade’ foods whenever possible

Foods with a fair trade label typically contain no GMOs and have been sustainably sourced. In many cases they are also organic. One of the many aims of fair trade is to help farmers by creating better wage conditions. The practice of fair trade also aims to ensure farmers are not being exploited.

5. Look for products that have less packaging

When shopping at the supermarket, try to select items that have as little packaging as possible. An example of this is purchasing meat from the meat counter rather than the pre-packaged varieties you find on shelves. The same applies to many fruits and vegetables. 


If you’ve always wanted to adopt a more sustainable diet, why not start this month? By choosing to eat sustainably, you’re being kind to the environment while also improving your and your family’s health. 

Grow delicious organic plants at home with a Smart Garden 3 or a Smart Garden 9! Enjoy a more sustainable diet and a garden to plate experience. 

Fully automated indoor gardens that grow plant pods for you while making sure they have enough water, light, oxygen and nutrients. The world’s easiest to use indoor garden.

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Check out our blog for valuable features such as green living tips, ways to create sustainable homes, the importance of food safety, how to grow plants indoors, amazing life lessons plants teach us, and much more.

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