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5 Reasons to Download the Click & Grow Mobile App Today

5 Reasons to Download the Click & Grow Mobile App Today

Have you downloaded the Click & Grow mobile app yet? It’s 100% free and can be used on smartphones and web browsers on your computer. If you own a Click & Grow smart garden*, here’s how the app will benefit you:

1. Receive timed plant care tips

Once you’ve registered your smart garden and plant on the app, you’ll be sent helpful tips at each stage of your plant’s life cycle. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing the app will remind you of when to prune your plants, when to expect yield, when to harvest, and so much more. If you thought indoor gardening was already easy, the app makes it even easier!

The app comes with a plant catalog where you can read about your plant before activation. It gives a thorough overview of all plants available in the Click and Grow selection. It will provide required temperature ranges and basic care procedures. It also provides fun facts about plants that you probably didn't know before!

2. Know when your plant is reaching its ‘lasts up to’ date

Every plant grows at its own pace. For edible greens, it’s crucial to know when to harvest them in one go. Most herbs can be harvested multiple times and it might be confusing figuring out when to replace the plant pod with a fresh one. The app helps you to keep track of when the pod will stop providing fresh produce. After you finish growing your plant, the app will keep it in the plant archive so you can look it up later, along with your personal comments.

3. Watch video tutorials

Ever wondered how to pollinate your fruiting plants? Or perhaps how to thin them? Maybe you’re wondering how to repot a Click & Grow plant outdoors. Our mobile app contains visual guides to help you through each of these processes. The visual guides come with the timed tips. To avoid confusion, these guides only become visible during the appropriate period in your plant’s life-cycle. This means, for example, the thinning guide will only be visible while your pod has young seedlings in it and needs to be thinned.

4. Remotely connect to the Smart Garden 9 Pro

If you own the Smart Garden 9 Pro, you can create a customised lighting schedule with the Click & Grow app. Using bluetooth technology, you can pair your phone with the garden lamp and choose the exact times you want the light to switch on and off. 

5. Make indoor gardening more engaging for kids

Indoor gardening is already a fun activity for families, especially during lockdown… but throwing a smartphone into the equation makes it even more engaging. Allow them to register their plants on the app and perhaps read the plant care tips together. It’ll help them see the smartphone as an educational tool rather than just a gaming tool!

We’re delighted that the app is already proving helpful to many of you in our community. Here are a couple of our favourite testimonials:

‘The application is very useful with the explanation of the plants and how to care for them ... I like that each plant has been given a name and it is also useful for learning new things about the world of aromatic herbs that you would not otherwise know .... it's simple and intuitive.’ 

- Maria Teresa, Italy

‘App is easy to use and it will notify me about the plant growth states. Love it’ 

- Sammie, Hong Kong

If you’re already using the app, how are you finding it so far? We are always looking to upgrade and improve it to offer you the best user experience. Please feel free to share suggestions and feedback here

Download for IOS

Download for Android


To download the app on your web browser, click here.

* Mobile app is compatible with the Smart Garden 3Smart Garden 9Smart Garden 9 Pro (including Bluetooth pairing), and the Smart Garden 27.

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