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5 Tricks to Make Your Backyard More Peaceful

5 Tricks to Make Your Backyard More Peaceful

When it comes to landscaping, small details can make a big difference. Now that spring is here, why not transform your backyard into a place where you can really kick back and relax? Whether you plan to do some reading, barbecuing or hanging out with family, here are some simple ways to make your backyard your own little oasis:

1. Add sweet smelling plants

Plants add an extra dimension of beauty to your backyard. Three of our favourite sweet smelling plants are petunia, sweet alyssum and lavender. These can easily be grown indoors in your smart garden and transplanted outside as the weather improves. Petunias have pretty, trumpet-shaped blooms and have been known to attract wildlife such as butterflies and hummingbirds. Sweet alyssum has graceful little flowers and blooms in hues of white, pink or purple. Lavender is equally beautiful and its aroma has been known to reduce anxiety. As a bonus, it can also help to deter pests such as flies and mosquitoes. Watch an example of how to repot your Click & Grow plants here.

2. Be creative with planters

One of the easiest ways to make your backyard more homely is to use creative planters. They can add personality and charm to an otherwise mundane space. You’ll enjoy a mental pick-me-up each time you look at it. It will also make guests smile! Some gardeners like to reuse coffee mugs, old toys, muffin tins or even suitcases as planters. The possibilities are endless. For inspiration, check out these fun alternatives to plant pots here.

3. Get an outdoor rug

Outdoor rugs are excellent for creating a focal point in your backyard. They help define a calm, meditative area where you can zone out. They're also an easy way to extend your living space beyond your house. The great news is that there are so many affordable rugs on the market that range from minimalist to patterned designs. If you can afford to pay a little more, opt for a stylish recycled rug that is kinder to the environment.

4. Hang string lights

There’s nothing like the soft glow of string lights on a warm summer evening. They’ll make you feel like you’re sitting in a cosy cafe, enjoying your favourite book while sipping a warm beverage. If you don't already have somewhere to hang string lights, you could anchor some poles into planters with cement and then decorate them with plants.

5. Plant a tree

Planting trees is one of the simplest, most cost effective ways to spruce up your backyard. You only need the tree, some mulch and some digging tools. Trees are a worthwhile investment for your comfort. Carefully positioned trees can offer shade in the summer and privacy all year round. The value of tree planting is super important to all of us here at Click & Grow. Every year the company plants as many trees as indoor gardens it has sold. By planting trees, you’re providing a future habitat for birds and other wildlife, as well as fighting climate change.

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