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7 Easy Ways To Introduce Plants Into Your Home

7 Easy Ways To Introduce Plants Into Your Home

The benefits of having plants around are undeniable: they improve air quality, reduce stress, make you feel happier, and are just generally great for your health. And while even one succulent is a step in the right direction, why not take it a step further and update the interior of your home or office space with some more flowerpots?


Photos: Ambius Indoor Plants


Lucky for you, a professional is here to help: Ian Drummond, the gardening extraordinaire and the Creative Director of Indoor Garden Design, recently published a short guide on on how to better approach the green makeover of your home or office. Here's what he had to say.


1. Find plants for your level

Don't go crazy. If you've never run more than 2 miles, you probably won't set yourself up for running 20 tomorrow, right? Same goes with making your home green. If you don't have a green thumb or a lot of time on your hands, be realistic about it and choose plants or means of growing them that suit your lifestyle. Trust us, there is something for everyone.


2. Start a kitchen indoor garden

It's not that hard, really. With today's technology, kitchen herbs are one of the easiest things to grow for even those who can kill a cactus. Best part? It's all 100% edible.


Click & Grow Wall Farm Mini


3. Green bling your bedroom

If you're used to see plants only on living room windowsills and kitchen counters, go out of your comfort zone for a minute and experiment with placing some greenery in your bedroom. Plants will improve sleep quality, make you feel more tranquil, and your bedroom - the oasis of peace and quiet. 


4. Go large

If you're short on time and/or patience, and don't want to find yourself taking care of hundreds of little flowerpots, go for large plants. They will not only cut down on your plant watering time, but also play a vital part in the interior of your home or office - placed strategically, they have the power to create more privacy and visibly divide the space into designated sections.



5. Don't forget the bathroom

One of the biggest wow-effects of a home is plants in the bathroom. For some reason, most bathrooms are kept quite sterile of anything living, but we say - go for it. There's a lot of plants that prefer growing in dark and humid environments, so having no windows there is no problem whatsoever. 


6. Let it all hang out

There is one simple little trick to making your space into one of those Instagram plant porn homes: layering. The key is to not only have plants of different heights, but to also place them on different levels. Have one big one on the floor, then some crawling plants hanging from the ceiling, and then some on your shelf, some on your table, get the gist.



7. Keep it small

Gardening is not the case of "Go big or go home". If you don't fancy anything so dramatic, go for smaller plants - they might be smaller in size, but are no less effective. This will also give you the opportunity to experiment with more different species in the same amount of space!




Feeling inspired or have some questions? Let us know in the comments below and show off the new plantscape of your home in our community forum!


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