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4 traits of a perfect Valentine's Day gift

4 traits of a perfect Valentine's Day gift


Gifts are a tricky thing - they can make or break your relationship. And despite the pressure, we keep trying to find The One. The perfect gift.

When brainstorming about what to gift our better halves for Valentine's, we started wondering about what the perfect gift actually is. What makes it perfect? Is there a formula to follow to ensure that we always get it right?

So we started dissecting the anatomy of the perfect Valentine's gifts we've gotten throughout the years, and trying to map the common characteristics. And here they are - the 4 traits of a perfect Valentine's Day gift. If you've ever gotten one, you'll know what we're talking about.

1. It's unexpected

“Hey babe, could I please have this for Valentine's Day? ?

“Honey, what would you want for Valentine's Day? That? Alright ;)”

As fulfilling as it might be to make your beloved one's Valentine's wishes come true, we all know how much better it feels when a gift is not only The One, but also with an element of surprise. Enough with the heart-shaped chocolates and teddy bears!

Yes, unexpected gifts require more thought put into them, and let's not even start with the risks. But hey, if you've gotten it right, the gift is going to be a whole lot more memorable and your effort - even more appreciated.

It's not all as complicated as it sounds. If you usually treat your special someone with jewelry, why not turn it into a touching (or adventurous) treasure hunt? If you have a tradition of a spa day together, try sneaking little surprises in each of the rooms or procedures! And if flowers are a must in your relationship, opt for such that double as a gadgety gift as well! Our suggestion: effortless roses that'll last for at least 3 months or a mind-blowing NASA flowerbomb.

2. It keeps bringing joy


If you put a lot of thought and effort into a gift, you'd probably want it to last for a long time and keep reminding of how much you love your special someone every day, right? But don't fall in the trap of giving something that's going to collect dust in the dark corner of the shelf.

How about a smart garden that's going to literally keep growing joy and excitement? Or a meaningful photo in a beautiful picture frame that's going to keep reminding of that special moment?

3. It's something they love

Quite obvious, isn't it? But unfortunately, the society's pressure to prepare a Valentine's Day gift for your special someone is often so strong that we fall in the trap of getting a “checkbox gift” - a gift that's there, that's a Valentine's classic, that shows that you've thought about them, but that isn't quite there on the “I love this!” shelf.

After all, Valentine's Day is all about love. And since you're getting something anyways, you might as well match it with the personality, preferences and mindset of your beloved one.

Try running through your memory the conversations you've had and try pinpointing what they have expressed strong feelings for. Maybe they like to travel and would just looove to go to this or that country? You don't have to jump buying tickets - a travel handbook, a themed dinner or a language course might do for starters!

4.It's perfectly timed

“Timing is everything.”

We've heard this so many times in so many different contexts and yet we often disregard it anyways. But when it comes to the perfect Valentine's Day gift (or any gift really), timing is crucial. Just like a proposal, you want to gift the thing that's going to remind them of this day, of this moment and of you just when it feels right. Yes, you're excited to show your better half how good of a partner you are and how great of a gift you've gotten ASAP. And that's even more of a reason to wait, and not squeeze it in their hands on your way to a movie or even worse - not on The Day.

So, if you're ordering something online or having it custom-made, make sure it's there in your hands on time!


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