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Are You Celebrating Midsummer Like These Countries Around The World?

With the beginning of Summer on Friday, during the Summer Solstice, which rivals our indoor garden grow lamps as the longest day of the year, especially in countries in the northern hemisphere, and Scandinavia.

With Midsummer happening today, hopefully, you are staying dry and avoiding the infamous Midsummer rain that is expected in Scandinavia. We gathered some Midsummer traditions from around the world that you can implement and celebrate!



In Greece, according to tradition, women are said to leave personal belongs under a fig to get infused with magic powers and dream of their future husbands at night. Nowadays they still will leave personal belongs under a fig tree, but there is also a bonfire that takes place at night where if you jump over the fire 3 times your wish will come true, and it has become an excellent place for people to meet as the whole town will come together!



People are said to wear flower crowns, dance around the maypole, feast on herrings, and if they collect Globe Amaranth, Calico Aster, Dahlia, Purple Coneflower, Yarrow, White Fall Aster, and Aster amellus and put the flowers under their pillow at night, they will dream of their future husband. 




It is said if a couple can jump over a fire together while holding hands their love is supposed to last for years to come.



In Estonia, we celebrate the night before, and we hold a huge feast with a bonfire and like in Greece if you jump over the fire 3 times your wish will come true. We also hunt for fireflies as they are said to bring good luck in life and love. 


If anything Midsummer is a great excuse to meet up with those you love, bring flower bouquets, maybe ones you've grown yourself, make a flower crown, and have a feast! 

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