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Click and Grow 25: What Types of Plants Should I Grow?

Click and Grow 25: What Types of Plants Should I Grow?

Woman removing a tray of greens from the Click and Grow 25.

Ready to start growing greens in your Click and Grow 25?

Whether you love salads, like to cook, or just want to improve your diet, here are some plants that are rich in vitamins and minerals and can be used in a variety of recipes. 

We hope this post can help you out when it comes to making your first Click and Grow 25 membership order. All of these greens are available in 9-packs and grow well in 5 week cycles. So, feel free to grow them in any combination you like, in one tray at a time. 

You’ll find that most of our greens can be used in the kitchen in multiple ways:


For salads

All varieties are perfect for salads. Here are some you can’t go wrong with:

Oakleaf Lettuce

Oak Leaf lettuce has a buttery texture that’ll give your salad a mellow, nutty and slightly sweet flavor.

Romaine Lettuce

If you’re looking for something crunchy, opt for romaine lettuce. It’s a staple in the traditional Caesar salad and helps to balance out creamy dressings. 

Green Kale

A hearty base for any salad. Kale has a satisfying, crunchy texture combined with a strong, earthly flavor.

For smoothies

Glasses of green smoothies on a table.

Green Chard

When it comes to making smoothies, chard's slightly bitter taste helps balance out the sweetness you get from fruit.

Pak Choi

While it may not be the first plant that comes to mind when you think of smoothies, pak choi’s mild, fresh flavor makes it a great option to throw in.

Green Sorrel

Sorrel boasts an intriguingly bright, citrusy flavor, making it a delicious ingredient for green smoothies.

For sandwiches and burgers

Closeup of premium sandwich.


Add arugula to your favorite burgers and sandwiches for an aromatic, peppery kick. Its texture is thin and slightly crispy.

Red Lettuce

Add color to a gourmet burger by throwing in some red lettuce. Red lettuce is great for when you want the texture of green leaf lettuce without the sweetness.


Transforms an ordinary burger into a special one. Mizuna has a delicate, pungent flavor similar to leaf mustard and its leaves are tender and juicy with deeply serrated edges. 

For stir-frys

Closeup of a delicious stir-fry in a pan.

Pak Choi

A must-have leafy green for any stir-fry. It has sweet undertones and maintains its crunch even after being cooked.


Resembles something between celery and carrots but with an astringent, fresh aftertaste. Shungiku is a fun stir-fry ingredient for those who enjoy exotic flavors.


A Japanese green that’s not yet discovered by the masses. You won’t find it in grocery stores but it could soon become a new staple for you as you grow it in your Click and Grow 25 and show it off to your friends and family. It works wonders in a quick stir-fry and will add a hint of mustard to your dishes.


For omelets

Omelet in a pan.

Rainbow Chard

When cooked, rainbow chard’s leaves develop a pleasantly mild texture and flavor. They’ll also add a pop of color to your dish.


A tasty alternative to spinach. Adding fresh arugula to your omelet will give it a zesty, fresh flavor.

Romaine Lettuce

The versatility of romaine lettuce really shines through here. Use it to make your omelet satisfyingly green and crunchy. 

For steaming

Street food being steamed.

Leaf Mustard

With its deliciously sharp, peppery flavor, leaf mustard is a great choice for steaming and enjoying as part of a healthy meal.

Red Kale

Steaming is one of the most popular ways to tenderize kale and give it a slightly sweeter, nuttier taste.

Rainbow Chard

One of the simplest, most effective ways to cook chard is by steaming it. Get ready to enjoy a softer version of this popular plant which can be used as a substitute for spinach.

For soup

Purple colored soup in a bowl.


Be sure to add some mizuna to give your soup a mild, peppery kick.

Red Chard

For added color and nutrients, experiment with adding some red chard to your hearty soup.

Green Kale

Kale goes surprisingly well with soup if you cook it slowly, reducing some of its bitterness and helping the leaves become softer.

For wraps

Food wraps in the process of being made.

Romaine lettuce

For a refreshing, juicy wrap filling, romaine lettuce is a must-have.

Red romaine lettuce

Red romaine lettuce has all the known qualities of regular romaine lettuce but with a twist of red pigmentation. This is due to higher levels of antioxidants. Get ready to enjoy an even healthier wrap.


If you want to add some zesty flavor to your wrap, arugula is a great option. Its peppery taste and thin texture make it a perfect filling.

For snacks

Kale in a bowl.

Italian Kale

This delicious variety of kale is tender enough to still be edible uncooked.


A fresh, tasty snack for those who enjoy piquant flavors.

Red Oakleaf Lettuce

Enjoy red oakleaf’s mellow, nutty flavor any time of day. A tasty, healthy treat.

So, what are you waiting for? Put your Click and Grow 25 to work and let it grow your favorite greens today. Have fun trying some new plants out, experiment with new tastes, and be sure to share your successes in our Facebook community!

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