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Easy 4-Step Way to Replant Your Plants

Easy 4-Step Way to Replant Your Plants

Our indoor gardens Smart Gardens are built to make gardening easier and to give you a green thumb using modern technology, but what happens when your plants outgrow their pods? Or you get new plant pods you want to try and just aren't ready to get rid off of your current pods? Well, you replant them, just like @mummybun did with her petunias on Instagram! 


4-Step How-To:

1. Remove the U-Shaped lid and remove the plant from the white plastic pods in the Smart Garden.

2. Loosen up the roots of the plant.

3. Pour soil into a new pot, but leave the center unfilled so you can add in the plant.

4. Put in the plant and add soil to the top and add water!

Voila, simple as that! Make sure to buy a new pot that has drainage at the bottom, so you are never over watering your plants!

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