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Gardener of the Month - Featuring Dayna from Portland, Oregon

Gardener of the Month - Featuring Dayna from Portland, Oregon

This month, we’re proud to introduce you to Dayna, a herbal guru and Click & Grower from Portland, Oregon! Dayna talked to us about the importance of gardening in her life and what it means to grow her own food.


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Hi, Dayna! What does gardening mean to you and what role does it play in your life?


To me, gardening is more than just a hobby - it’s a way of life. It’s the hope for what tomorrow may bring; gifts of nature unlike anything else, inspiring motivation with gratifying results, and an opportunity for self-sustainable living. Gardening has played a crucial role in my life since adolescence. Teachings passed down from my grandmother to myself and now to my children are lifelong lessons that are cherished among the entire family. It allows each one of us to understand the importance of growing our own food!


When did you start growing with us and what’s been the highlight of your indoor gardening journey?


I’ve been growing with Click & Grow since 2020. I’ve enjoyed the journey of adapting to a more natural way of self-sustainability and I’ve especially enjoyed having an outlet to be creative in our growing endeavors! Creating recipes of many kinds using fresh herbs, vegetables and leafy greens has been truly fulfilling and delicious.


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Which herbs do you enjoy growing the most and why?


My absolute favorite herbs to grow are rosemarythymebasil, and lavender. I personally enjoy these herbs the most because they are companion plants to each other and have such a wide variety of uses in the kitchen and in herbal remedies.


What advice would you give new growers?


My best advice for new growers is be patient and have fun! Let this journey be a learning experience for you and involve your family or friends as much as possible! Think outside the ‘garden’ and have fun making recipes based on the food you grow. Add your herbs, veggies, and fruits to smoothies, pastas, rice bowls, beverages, and more! The possibilities and opportunities that arise from growing your own foods are truly endless.


Thanks so much, Dayna for sharing your experiences with us.


Stay tuned as next month we'll feature another gardener chosen by our Facebook community!


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Images credit: Dayna

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