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Gardening Is the New Marriage!

Gardening Is the New Marriage!

Beauty can be found in diversity.

Many of us find joy in being in a relationship with the love of our lives. Many enjoy being single. Many, however, are still searching for their prince or princess charming.

Well, rather than waiting for love to come riding in on a white horse, why not opt for plants in a white-top Smart Garden!


Yep, you heard it here first… Gardening is the new marriage, folks.

Here’s 5 reasons why a Smart Garden makes an ideal partner!


1. Your Smart Garden’s lights welcome you home after a long day

There’s nothing quite like arriving home from work and seeing the indoor gardening lights of your Smart Garden glistening through the window as you approach the door. You’re coming home to a warm welcome. It’s been a long day and your Smart Garden’s delighted to see you!


2. Your Smart Garden tells you what it needs. No playing around.

When your Smart Garden needs to be watered, it will let you know. How? You can easily tell by the level of the water float. If you can no longer ‘bob’ the float up and down with your finger, it’s time to water! Just be sure not to over-water your garden… Even though it’s tempting because you adore it so much… If the float is level with the garden’s surface, your Smart Garden will thank you for it.


3. You’ll want to show off your Smart Garden

A Smart Garden just looks so incredibly attractive. It’s sleek design catches the eyes of guests and visitors. Some may want to touch it, some may wish to just stare at it.

You feel a sense of pride sweep over you as the compliments come pouring in. Looking at your fragrant indoor plants, you proudly announce, ‘Yes… this Smart Garden’s with me!’


4. Your Smart Garden understands how busy life can be.

Your Smart Garden wants your life to be as stress-free as possible. This is why it takes care of your gardening needs for you. Once you’ve set it up, filled the tank with water and plugged it in, simply let your garden do all the work of growing the healthiest greens. It’s amazing to watch how the lamp’s inbuilt timer causes the lights to switch on at the same time each day like clockwork. Going out of town for a few days? No problem, your Smart Garden will take care of business in your absence.


5. Your Smart Garden has a good heart

Beauty is soil deep. Right at the heart of Click & Grow’s technology is the Smart Soil. What does Smart Soil do? Well, it makes sure the water is evenly distributed so your plant pods have access to water at all times. It also ensures plants have a perfect ph-level and receive the optimal configuration of water, oxygen, and nutrients. On top of that, Smart Soil is made of natural, renewable materials. It contains no pesticides, fungicides, hormones or other harmful substances. A complete package!

We could easily be here all day explaining additional benefits... For instance, a Smart Garden doesn’t leave its socks lying around.. It doesn’t mind what TV program you want to watch... And it always lets you have the final word. Seriously, we’ve tried it.



So, what are you waiting for? Make the first move and start your life-long happiness with a Click & Grow Smart Garden!

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