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Hungry? Have Some Flowers!

Hungry? Have Some Flowers!

Who said flowers are only nice to look at? The following varieties can all be grown in a Smart Garden 3 or Smart Garden 9 and they’re edible! 

1. Black Pansy

With its stylish black petals, black pansy is a great plant for artists and creative individuals.

Amazing to think that it’s flowers are edible. 

Recipe suggestion: Black Pansy Syrup

2. Cornflower

A plant that breathes life and color into any living space. Cornflower also happens to be a national and political symbol in Estonia, Finland, Germany. 

Recipe suggestion: Crème Brûlée featuring cornflower

3. Cockscomb

A spectacular wildflower that’s native to many of the world’s warm, equatorial regions. Cockscomb also happens to be a very stylish flower to cook with.

Recipe suggestion: Cockscomb Risotto

4. Lavender

A beautiful, iconic member of the mint family. Lavender lends itself to some tasty meals and beverages.

Recipe suggestion: Sweet Lavender Scones

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