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Introducing Hiiumaa - The Beautiful Estonian Island Where Your Indoor Garden Comes From

Introducing Hiiumaa - The Beautiful Estonian Island Where Your Indoor Garden Comes From

Did you know that Click & Grow was born in a beautiful Baltic country called Estonia? This charming land is approximately 50% forest and steeped in breathtaking nature. You’ll also find incredible castles, churches and medieval fortresses dotted around the country. Estonia has over 2000 islands but one of them is especially close to our hearts - Hiiumaa. This is where all of Click & Grow’s indoor gardens and plant pods come from. What makes Hiiumaa so inspiring? Here are just a few reasons...


  • Hiiumaa is one of the cleanest, most well-conserved places on earth. The island is small with an area of only 989 km² but it provides a home to over 1000 species of vascular plants, with nearly 100 of those being under protection.

  • Hiiumaa is home to a great variety of bird species including black storks, golden eagles and swans to name a few. Its forests are dominated by beautiful pine, birch and spruce trees. Much of its land is uncultivated and covered with dunes and swamps.

  • Other beautiful wildlife on Hiiumaa include Elk, foxes, red deer, roe deer, wild boars, lynxes and martens. 

  • Hiiumaa is the second largest island in Estonia, after Saaremaa. It’s currently inhabited by about 6000 permanent islanders and has a total population of approximately 9,300.

  • Hiiumaa has a forest coverage of 67%, the highest among regions in Estonia.

  • Hiiumaa is home to Kõpu lighthouse - one of the world’s oldest lighthouses which dates back to the 16th century.

  • During the coldest times of winter, it’s possible to drive to the island from Estonian mainland across Europe’s longest ice road.

  • Hiiumaa won the 2015 EDEN (European Destinations of Excellence) award in the category: ‘EDEN. Estonia’s hidden treasures. Food tourism destination’.


The natural beauty and cleanliness of Hiiumaa is a big inspiration for us in making products that bring nature to your home. We believe everyone deserves to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of being surrounded by plants. Indoor gardens make it possible to grow healthy plants even in the most remote, urban areas.

To learn more about us, visit Start your indoor gardening journey today and enjoy the benefits of growing fresh food with no effort at all.


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