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Meet the artist behind the illustrations on the new, limited edition Smart Garden 3

Meet the artist behind the illustrations on the new, limited edition Smart Garden 3


At Click & Grow, we always strive to provide the best possible experience for our global community of click & growers, whether it’s working with our community or designing indoor gardens which are beautiful, functional and extremely easy to use. To achieve this, we’ve gotten help from some of the best minds and artists out there. Now the time has come for another exciting collaboration. 


To start this school year, we wanted to cheer things up a bit and offer something fresh and new. We were lucky to get an international illustrator, a Portugal-based Estonian, Mirjam Siim, to work on a new design for the Smart Garden 3. The end result, as she describes it, is playful, engaging and practical. 


What have you been up to lately? 


I have been pretty occupied with my daughter since the beginning of the covid-situation but I did find enough time for some projects - a few book covers, personalised portrait paintings, magazine illustrations, paintings for a local shop,  an international illustration project about the pandemia and of course some personal paintings. 


What inspires you as an artist? 


For my art I get inspiration from everyday life. Simple conversations, different situations and the thoughts and emotions they provoke in me. Often books and articles too.


A test version of the illustration


What inspired you to create this particular illustration?


When I was asked to make a test-work for the new version of Click and Grow’s Smart Garden 3, I immediately had an image in my head - a village consisting of small houses made of vegetables and fruit, with small characters interacting with each-other. Having a small daughter definitely helped to create this illustration - since her birth I am constantly making up stories and different characters, so this imagination was also applied to this project.


What was your goal with the new Smart Garden illustration? 


The goal was to make it aesthetically beautiful and interesting, while telling a story with the images, so there would be more to discover. I also wanted to make it colourful and playful, to cheer up the room and the mood. 


Early sketches of the characters in the story of the illustration


How did illustrating the Smart Garden fit into your previous experience and things you’ve done?


I love to add plants to almost all of my illustrations and paintings, so in that sense it fit with my style and experience perfectly. I used it as a chance to study new herbs and flowers (available for growing with the Click & Grow gardens) and how to paint them. I have also illustrated several children’s books and, with a kid of my own, this project was even more motivating and exciting for me.


A sketch of the whole layout 


Describe how you feel about the new illustrated Smart Garden 3


Curious, excited and proud.


Would you like to say anything to the new owners of the illustrated gardens?


I hope you enjoy the illustration as much as the plants you grow in the smart garden! 


Find out more about Mirjam’s work here:


Get your own Limited edition - Illustrated Smart Garden 3


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