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Plant combinations you need to know about

Plant combinations you need to know about

Much has been written about combining efforts to achieve success in life… But what about combining plants for success in the gardening realm?

For many of us, success in gardening means being able to harvest our plants with ease. Much of the fun also comes in growing plants to make delicious meals and unique beverages.



Click & Grow’s Smart Gardens allow us to enjoy growing a variety of plants at home at the same time. We are filled with inspiration each time we see community photos of Smart Gardens in full bloom!

Sometimes, however, we are asked whether it’s convenient to grow particular plants at the same time so they can be easily harvested later on. The answer is a resounding yes!


For the tea enthusiast

Did you know that Catnip, Lemon Balm and Garden Sage combine to make a fantastic tea? It’s definitely worth growing these together in your Smart Garden 3 or 9. These plants can all be harvested within 1 month of being planted. Catnip is known to help you relax while Lemon Balm can assist with stress relief. Garden Sage contributes towards a strong immune system and contains antioxidants.

Fancy something a little different? Try planting Thyme, Oregano and Marjoram together. All of these plants have similar growing habits and you may begin harvesting them 1 month after they are planted. Thyme is rich in vitamins and has been known to have healing properties. It’s been said that Oregano helps fight bacteria. Marjoram, on the other hand, helps with digestion.


For the cooking enthusiast

Hyssop, Rosemary and Lavender are 3 incredible herbs worth growing together. They have similar growth characteristics and are fantastic for cooking with. Check out these great Hyssop recipes here. Rosemary is also a very popular cooking ingredient around the world - take a look at these delicious recipes. Lavender, of course, needs no introduction. It’s aroma is fantastic and as a herb it can used in so many dishes. Check out these inspiring Lavender recipes here.

If you are looking for plants that grow particularly quickly, try planting Basil, Peppermint and Leaf Mustard at the same time. Basil can be used in so many dishes, from pizzas to pastas to salads. Peppermint can be used in desserts, soups and even as a meat marinade. Leaf Mustard is extremely versatile and healthy too. It is often used in Italian, Indian and Japanese cuisines to name a few.

Alternatively, why not grow 3 of the same plant? Our recently released Red Leaf Beet plant would be a fantastic addition to any garden. It grows well even in warmer climates and you can already begin harvesting it after 3 weeks. It’s a very healthy choice and can be used in many different ways. Why not use them in your salads, stews, or even smoothies?

Ask a gardener!

Do you have any other plant combinations you would like to ask about? Our expert gardeners are always available to advise! We have an open topic in our new gardening forum where you are welcome to ask about any plant combination you can think of.

For more information about what we do, head over to Discover how our Smart Gardens make gardening simple and enjoyable for all.
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