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Sustainable Eating: GREEN KALE Benefits & Nutrition

Sustainable Eating: GREEN KALE Benefits & Nutrition

Here at Click & Grow, we’re always developing new plant pods to meet your needs. The latest addition to our plant pod collection is a classic: Green Kale

Originally from the Mediterranean and Asia Minor, kale has been cultivated since approximately 2000 BC. During the Middle Ages it became many people’s go-to leafy green. It was extremely easy to cultivate and it didn’t even mind the cold weather. During World War II, kale was among several vegetables that people were encouraged to grow. One of the key reasons was it’s high nutritional value - perfect for covering nutrient deficiencies during times of rationing.

Benefits of Click & Grow green kale

  • Your plant pod contains no GMOs, pesticides or herbicides - only the cleanest, freshest green kale
  • Growing green kale is 100% stress-free in your Click & Grow indoor herb garden
  • Enjoy a garden-to-plate experience from the comfort of your home
  • Grow indoors any time of the year

Sprouts start: 7 - 14 days after planting

Harvest in: 35 - 42 days after planting

Ideal room temperature: 65–75 °F (18-24 C)

Plant care tips

  • When harvesting, pick off the larger outer leaves first.
  • Harvest gradually by moving towards the heart of the plant until the pod is a maximum of two months old.
  • Alternatively, you may harvest the whole plant one month after planting. 
  • Don’t allow it to age over two months otherwise it may lose its nutritional value and flavour.


Green kale has a mild, earthy flavour. Its leaves have a tough, crunchy texture that becomes slightly tender when cooked.


Enjoy your green kale plant pod knowing it’s a natural source of vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, magnesium, potassium, protein, carbohydrates and dietary fiber. One cup (20 grams) of kale’s fresh leaves provides 7% of an adult’s RDA of vitamin A, 26% of vitamin C and 90% of vitamin K. It also provides 10% of an adult’s RDA of manganese. Kale is a rich source of antioxidants.

Serving suggestions

  • Raw - salads, wraps, sandwiches.
  • Kale Chips - remove ribs, toss in olive oil, bake at 275°F for 20-30 minutes depending on how crispy you want it.
  • Smoothies - add to any smoothie. Improves smoothie’s nutritional value without altering the overall taste.
  • Garlic kale - chop leaves into 1-inch pieces, heat olive oil in a skillet (medium heat), cook and stir garlic until it sizzles, throw kale into the skillet, cover skillet, cook and stir occasionally for approx 5 mins until kale is slightly tender.
  • Sautee or braise mature leaves.

How to store

If you have harvested your whole plant pod in one go: wrap leaves in a clean towel, place in a plastic bag and store in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Have fun growing green kale in your smart garden and experimenting with new recipes!

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