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The Healthiest Greens: 5 herbs that'll boost your health

The Healthiest Greens: 5 herbs that'll boost your health

Herbs - the magical flavourings that can transform almost any dish into a gourmet meal. Yet the health benefits of many herbs are not well known. We want to change that.

Modern science is only now starting to uncover the real power of spices and herbs, as weapons against illnesses from cancer to Alzheimer’s disease. While it's yet to be a 100% proven that healing herbs can help cure serious ailments, research shows that there are overwhelming health benefits in consuming herbs on a regular basis.

So we've rounded up 5 of our healthiest herbs to give you some ideas on what to use in your next meal. You might be surprised by the herbs in this list as many all-stars are missing (and we know it), but we decided to dedicate this post to the magical health benefits of herbs a bit less known.

Let's begin: 



This member of the mint family can easily be incorporated into salads and juices. Popular and loved in Japanese cuisine, the red shiso health benefits are endless!






With the insane amount of sugar people eat these days, we're glad there's at least a healthy alternative (and it's a herb!). Yes, you can grow stevia at home. Just use a couple of leaves to sweeten up your next cup of tea to enjoy it's many health benefits. It might seem funny at first, but you'll never miss sugar once your get used to it. 



Our favourite micro green is up in the list next! Cress is a fast-growing healthy herb, that produces edible leaves in just 2 weeks. So you can start adding cress to salads, juices, pasta and stews in just weeks after planting it!



Bloody sorrel making this list might be surprising, but then again most people don't know that it's a herb with great health benefits. One of the key ones is that it helps lower blood pressure. Consume on sandwiches, in soups or juice it! 



We've saved the best for last. Hyssop is the star of multiple folk medicine recipes and has been written in history books for a reason. This herb's health benefits are literally endless. Although it's not as widely used as basil, cilantro and other well-known herbs, hyssop definitely deserves a chance enrich your diet.



What are your favourite herbs to grow? Let us know if you have any secret health-boosters of your own in the comments! 


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