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What Is The Click & Grow Pro Plant Cup?

What Is The Click & Grow Pro Plant Cup?

Do you consider yourself an advanced indoor gardener? Do you fancy pushing the boundaries of what you can do with your Click & Grow smart garden? If so, we highly recommend trying our new pro plant cups.

What is the pro plant cup?

The pro plant cup is a new, perforated version of our current plastic cup. The holes on the side allow plant roots to grow directly into your smart garden’s water tank. The pro cup only allows roots to enter the tank. It keeps the soil nicely intact within the cup and doesn’t allow any debris to fall into the tank. Using the pro cup can lead to a longer lifespan and greater yield for any herb or fruiting plant in our collection.

What are the strengths of the pro plant cup?

With the pro plant cup, roots receive more air and are allowed to grow freely. This allows for an improved uptake of water and nutrients. It also improves aeration of the smart soil. As the plant matures, the pro cup allows its roots to grow more freely which helps reduce rootbound. White, colourless roots indicate that the plant is viable, healthy and happy to grow in your smart garden.

Mini tomatoes are an example of a fruiting plant that really performs well with the pro plant cup. During in-house testing we found that plants grown in pro plant cups could produce 200% more tomatoes compared to those grown in our regular plastic cups.

What should you consider before using the pro plant cup?

While the pro plant cup can significantly boost your yields, it naturally requires more maintenance. This is especially true when changing plants. Roots can become tangled with each other as they’re all growing directly into the water tank. Cleaning your smart garden becomes a messier task. You may also experience longer harvesting times due to the root mass. With that being said, if you don’t mind the extra maintenance, get ready to enjoy bigger, more bountiful plants!

Which products are the pro plant cup compatible with?

You can use pro plant cups in any of the following Click & Grow products: 

Smart Herb Garden (previous generation model, no longer in production), Smart Garden 3, Smart Garden 9, Smart Garden 9 PRO, Smart Garden 27, The Wall Farm.


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