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What to expect from Click & Grow in 2017?

What to expect from Click & Grow in 2017?

Mattias Lepp and the Click & Grow team

 The (almost) whole Click & Grow team


Wow, what a year 2016 has been. In short: The best year we've ever had. 

During the last 12 months, Click & Grow truly grew (pun intended), achieving 200% increase in our plant refill selection, 500% in our starter kit selection (making Click & Grow the only urban farming company that offers a full range of indoor gardening products from countertop gardens to farms), 375% in our team size, 350% in products sold, and about 23846% in coffee consumption and the amount of sleepless nights.

We could go on and on, but the most important achievement is our community of now over 350 000 Click & Growers who, through their passion, enthusiasm and support, proved us once again that they are the greatest bunch of people in the world, truly working together to change the future of food. The link to #clickandgrow on Instagram is now bookmarked on each Click & Grow computer for inspiration and energy boost when needed - works way better than Red Bull. Thank YOU for giving us wings, folks.


But the past is the past, and we wouldn't be us if every week - not to even mention a year -, wouldn't start with yet another ridiculous goal. As you can expect from a technology company, about 70% of the projects we're working on are confidential, but since we like to keep Click & Growers as informed as possible about everything that's going on, here's 30% + 5% of the things you can expect from us in 2017.


Smart Garden selection update

Click & Grow Smart Gardens

As most of you have already noticed, the new Smart Garden is currently available in White since the launch in December 2016. But not for long - we will be adding 2 more colors to the selection: Beige and Dark Grey. It's going to happen sooner than you think, and you'll love them.

Shop the Smart Garden kits


Launch of new plant refills

What makes Click & Growing what it is is not only the indoor gardens themselves - it's the plants you can grow with them. As you might have guessed from the intro, we put a lot of effort into expanding our plant selection in 2016, and we will continue doing so, according to your requests. Yes, Cilantro and Lettuce are coming! Among many others.


Production and delivery of the Smart Garden 9 

In November 2016, we launched the Smart Garden 9 on Kickstarter with tremendous success - it was fully funded in the first 48h and covered by TechCrunch and GIGadgets and others. And, to satisfy the high demand, we launched it for pre-orders for a limited time after the Kickstarter was over. What's left to do in 2017, is to produce and deliver the thousands of Smart Garden 9's, gather your feedback and prepare for a launch on our online store!

Read the story behind the Smart Garden 9



More content

We believe that, besides enjoying fresh herbs straight from the Smart Garden with no effort, Click & Growing is about making food more accessible, about changing the future of food, about helping you regain control over what's on your plate. And there is a lot that goes into that, so in 2017, we're looking forward to sharing even more articles, more interviews, more thoughts on these topics and how you can stand up for better food, with us. Something along the lines of this:


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