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Why does Click & Grow use LED plant grow lights?

Why does Click & Grow use LED plant grow lights?

When it comes to grow lights, there are various options out there. For our indoor gardens, we have chosen the best solution - LED (light emitting diode) grow lights. Click & Grow’s collection of self-watering indoor gardens are equipped with an LED lamp and care for plants 24 hours a day. 

Here is why Click & Grow opted to use LEDs: 

Smart Garden 9

Long lasting

LEDs have a longer lifespan than virtually any other grow light. If used every day, a smart garden’s LED bulbs can last up to 7 years. Not having to change bulbs so frequently makes them a very user friendly choice.

Energy efficient

The Smart Garden 3’s LED lamp consumes 8w of power and only uses 3.8 kWh per month. The Smart Garden 9’s LED lamp consumes 13w of power and uses just 6.2 kWh per month. 

To put this into perspective, the average US resident consumes 897 kWh per month. The lamps of a Smart Garden 3 and Smart Garden 9 (combined) would contribute to just a little over 1% of that amount.

Smart Garden 3

Cooler temperatures

Due to their energy efficiency, LED bulbs emit less heat than a lot of other light sources. This reduces the risk of plants being burned (providing they have not been allowed to make direct contact with the bulbs!)


LEDs are a great example of solid state lighting (SSL). They are run by a pair of semiconductors and there are no moving parts in the bulb. This means they can be subjected to external shock without the diodes being damaged.

Small and adaptable

LED bulbs are physically small, making them easily adaptable for a range of products. Their miniature size contributes to the sleek, streamlined design of smart garden lamps.

Healthy for plants

Sources of light that emit more UV rays are not always ideal for plants. This is because they can cause plants to become dry faster, meaning they require more water to stay alive.

Our LED bulbs emit less heat and no UV rays, meaning energy and water can be used to grow plants that thrive rather than just survive.

For further reading, check out our quick beginner’s guide to grow lights.

Want a stress-free way to grow beautiful, organic plants all year round? 

Check out the Smart Garden 3 and Smart Garden 9

Fully automated indoor gardens with inbuilt grow lights. Our gardens grow plant pods for you while making sure they have enough water, light, oxygen and nutrients.

To learn more about us, head over to Discover how the Smart Garden 3 and Smart Garden 9 make growing fresh, organic food and flowers at home easier than ever.

Stay tuned to our blog for features such as green living tips, ways to create sustainable homes, the importance of food safety, how to grow plants indoors, life lessons from plants, a beginner’s guide to grow lights, the ultimate click and grow review, and much more.
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