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3 Important Things to Check When Growing Click & Grow Plants

3 Important Things to Check When Growing Click & Grow Plants

With a self-growing smart garden, it’s extremely easy to grow your favorite herbs, salads, fruits, vegetables and flowers at home. To enjoy the best possible experience, however, it’s important to check 3 key things: 

1. Plant care tips

Plant care tips are put together by our expert gardeners to help you know what to expect at each stage of your plant’s life cycle. You can read tips for each plant by going to our plant catalog. Simply click on the plant you want to learn about and then select the ‘plant care’ tab to view the tips. These tips in our catalog are basic and give an overall idea about plant care. 

For more detailed tips, you can register your plant pod on the Click & Grow mobile app. If your plant pod is registered, you’ll receive more specific and thorough tips for your plant. These tips are timed, meaning you’ll receive them at each relevant stage of your plant’s life cycle to guide you. This makes life more convenient as you won’t need to seek out any tips - you’ll be sent them automatically!

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2. Harvest cycles

To enjoy your edible plants at their optimum taste and nutritional value, it’s important to harvest them at the appropriate time. Using the correct harvesting method for your edible plants will promote growth and lead to greater yields. Deadheading flowers and removing plant debris also helps to keep your plants looking good and lasting longer. Videos of different methods to harvest edibles are available on our YouTube channel and also come via the timed tips in our app. 

3. ‘Lasts up to’ date

Every plant pod has been given a ‘lasts up to’ date, which is visible on the app, package and on the plant’s product page. The ‘lasts up to’ date refers to the maximum amount of time your plant pod can usually live in a smart garden (beginning from the time it was planted). 

If all factors are in the plant pod’s favour, ie. temperature range, applied care procedures, then this date is the maximum amount of time that the plant will produce yield or flowers.

Following the ‘lasts up to’ date (and harvest instructions) will help you harvest the yield when it’s at its best and full of nutrients. 

It can also be helpful to plan your own harvesting cycle. For example, if you wish to have a constant supply of basil, our info shows that the plant usually lasts up to 12 weeks and the first leaves can be trimmed off 4 weeks after planting. So, depending on how much your basil is used, you should wait a minimum of 4 weeks before planting new basil pods.

Enjoy a stress-free way to grow healthy, delicious plants 365 days a year.

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