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The Click & Grow fertilization technology



Basically, the Click & Grow fertilization system is a mineral-organic hybrid.

We reproduce normal "soil" conditions by decomposing organic components by microbiological means. The same mechanism happens in nature - leaves fall and are turned back into soil. This natural plant feeding process is boosted by our hi-tech mineral release system. The latter uses nanotechnology to supply plant roots with elements that are currently in minimum (see picture). This eliminates most of the plants diseases and ails caused by bad nutrition. 

Click & Grow fertilization technology

This kind of natural-artificial symbiosis guarantees that a plant growing in the Click & Grow pot will always have enough well-balanced healthy food to go around.

Nutrient Anti-Leach Technology - The controlled fertilization system combined with precision irrigation technologies eliminates all nutrient losses. All mineral elements in the cassette are used for plant growth and do not decompose, leach or exit the growing environment by any means.


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