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Surprising ways gardening benefits kids

It's amazing!

What Garden Are You Growing In?

Smart Garden 3 vs. Smart Herb Garden, they both, let you grow three plants at once, but what is the difference? Or is there even a difference? Read on to find out! 

Mother's Day x Click & Grow

Mother's Day is May 13th, so what do you get the woman that has done it all and more?

Smart Garden 9 Set Up

The Smart Garden 9 is our newest indoor garden! The SG9 allows for you to grow 9 different or the same, type of plant at one time. Bringing us one step closer to one day being self-sustainable and growing all our own food, and here is the set up video and the how-to! 

Click & Grow biggest moments of 2015


Exactly a week has passed since New Year's eve, and we've finally wrapped our head around the fact that it's again time for fresh starts. But before we really kickstart the New Year, we'd like to take a brief second to mark down the key moments for us from 2015. Thank you for believing in Click & Grow and helping us experience these big moments. Happy New Year!

We are looking for an online marketing manager!


We're in need for someone like our Smart gardens - geeky, analytical and advanced.

You'd be given the chance to improve Click & Grow's online presence at all levels. As an important member of our team you'd be working alongside with our marketing department and our development partners.

Click & Grow is turning 6 years old!


It's that time of year again - the birthday month. Click & Grow is turning 6 years old this year!

From the initial 1 Smart Flowerbed Starter Kit with 7 refills, we've grown to 3 Smart Herb Gardens, 5 Smart Flowerbeds, 24 different plant refills and 2 major product prototypes - the Smart Farm and the Robot Garden. And we're not stopping here!

What's inside parsley?


Parsley is one of the world's most popular herbs. It has been cultivated for 2,000 years, and was used medicinally long before that. Highly nutritious, it is a great addition to our Smart Herb Garden refill selection.

Parsley has many health benefits and has been used as a cure for many ailments. It contains more vitamin C than any other standard culinary vegetable, approximately three times as much as oranges and about the same as blackcurrants, making it the ultimate vitamin bomb.

Bye-bye, Smart Flowerbed!


In 2011, we launched the Smart Flowerbed, revolutionising the way people grow plants. We've come a long way since then - continuously improving the products, releasing countless new plants, introducing the Smart Herb Garden to the world, taking all the lessons possible from the Y Combinator and coming up with the next big hit - the Smart Farm aka. the Robot Garden.

We have now decided to put our focus on the Smart Herb Garden and Smart Farm concept, and therefore discontinue selling the whole Smart Flowerbed collection in US from September 1, 2015, and everywhere else few months after that. Doing this will enable us to make our next big step - seriously conquer the urban farming industry with the Smart Herb Garden and the Robot Garden, and make Click & Grow the brand of the future of food.

4 easy-peasy uses for stevia



Here at Click & Grow, we're a little bit of health freaks. Our production manager runs 10km every morning before work, our COO and CEO attend the team meetings on a waist twisting disc, and there probably isn't any sport our support specialist hasn't tried. And that's not all. The heck, we're growing our own lunch with space technology! BUT.

We do like to indulge. Especially with candy. Unfortunately, it doesn't really benefit our diets and workout regimens. So our gardener came up with a sneaky plan and started growing stevia in the office. One thing lead to another, and we decided to send this fitness angel of a plant out in the world and offer it to you as one of the refills for the Smart Herb Garden.

Click & Grow feeding the planet at EXPO Milano 2015


As a Click & Grow family member, we're sure that you also aim to be a part of change, a part of the future. Especially when it comes to one of the most quintessential components of the survival of human race - food. So besides working on making new future-of-food products for you, we always try to partner up and meet with people and brands who are on the same path. This is why in April 2015, we packed up 270 Click & Grow special-edition Smart flowerbeds with rosemary, and went on a quest to Milan to make the Estonian pavilion (CNN actually named it to be as one of the most impressive designs) of EXPO Milano 2015 even smarter and definitely greener.

Strawberry Refill for Smart flowerbed from A to Z


With the Strawberry Refill for Smart flowerbed being the most anticipated and the most celebrated Smart flowerbed Refill in the history of Click & Grow, we decided to put together a list of must-dos to help you get the most out of it.

But before we begin, let's answer this one question. Why is it so cool to grow strawberries with Click & Grow?