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Most Popular Plants of the Year

Most Popular Plants of the Year

We are deeply grateful at Click & Grow for everything that's happened in the past year.

To highlight a few things, there's been the investment, the launch of new plants such as Pak ChoiRed Pak Choi and Red Leaf Beet, and the launch of our 'Ask a Gardener' forum. As well as this, over 1 000 000 pods were planted and, mini tomato became our most popular plant, worldwide. We currently have a tremendous variety of plants available in our store, and we can't wait to add more to our collection in the future.



Have you ever wondered which of our plants was the most popular in your country this year? We've put together a list so you can find out...

Austria - Wild Strawberry

Belgium - Mini Tomato

Bulgaria - Peppermint

Canada - Wild Strawberry

Croatia - Mini Tomato

Cyprus - Experimental plant pods

Czech Republic - Wild Strawberry

Denmark - Basil

Estonia - Wild Strawberry

Finland - Basil

France - Basil

Germany - Mini Tomato

Greece - Wild Strawberry

Hungary - Coriander

Iceland - Basil

Ireland - Mini Tomato

Italy - Mini Tomato

Latvia - Wild Strawberry

Liechtenstein - Basil

Lithuania - Wild Strawberry

Luxembourg - Mini Tomato

Malta - Coriander

Monaco - Wild Strawberry

Netherlands - Peppermint

Norway - Basil

Poland - Coriander

Portugal - Mini Tomato

Romania - Peppermint

Slovakia - Mini Tomato

Slovenia - Basil

Spain - Mini Tomato

Sweden - Mini Tomato

Switzerland - Basil

United Kingdom - Mini Tomato

Hong Kong - Mini Tomato

Macao - Wild Strawberry

Malaysia - Mini Tomato

Singapore - Mini Tomato

United States - Mini Tomato


As always, thank you so much for being part of our community and growing with us. You inspire us to keep doing what we do.

From all of us here at Click & Grow, we wish you a happy, healthy New Year.

Head over to for more inspiration and to learn about our desire to make the most essential, fresh, vitamin-packed food available for everyone.

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