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5 Simple Ways to Kick Start Your New Year

5 Simple Ways to Kick Start Your New Year

"Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?"

Perhaps you’ve been hearing this question a lot lately and you’re not sure how to answer it. How ambitious do New Year’s resolutions need to be?

Sometimes we make our New Year’s resolutions slightly larger than life and they become unattainable. Maybe it’s time to consider how smaller steps can contribute to amazing outcomes. Simple changes to our daily routines can lead to positive habits in the long run.

Here are a few resolutions we can all gain inspiration from as we enter a new year...



1. Consume More Greens

As we have been reminded from a young age, greens are an important part of any diet. Incorporating leafy greens into a balanced diet could offer numerous health benefits such as a reduced risk of obesity, heart disease and mental decline. With an indoor mini farm or indoor food garden, it’s now easier than ever to grow indoor organic food.



2. Drink More Water

As you may know, the majority of our body weight is made up of water. Water helps to flush out waste from the body, regulate the body’s temperature and help the brain function. It’s important for all of the body’s cells, organs and tissues.



3. Get More Sleep

Sleep is a basic human need. If sleep is something we struggle with, it’s important to consider how to improve it. Plant based remedies can often be very effective when it comes to assisting sleep.



4. Be More Active in Nature

Decide that you will go for a walk or a jog in nature. Do this as many times during the week as possible. There is something uniquely refreshing about being in a green environment, breathing in fresh air and observing nature. If you live in an urban environment, seek out the nearest park and simply enjoy a stroll outside.



5. Cook More

Have we ever considered how cooking can contribute towards improved mental well-being? According to a study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology, frequently engaging in small, creative projects can make us happier and more relaxed. If cooking is something you’ve always wanted to try or become better at, why not make it a new hobby? If you’re growing an herb garden, you’ll know there are so many plants to grow indoors. Why not use these to create your own unique, healthy recipes? Whether you are an experienced cook or a beginner, you can be proud of your culinary ambitions.

We hope you find these suggestions inspiring. As always, when making resolutions, it’s worth remembering that we all have different needs. The health-related suggestions provided in this article are not a substitute for medical treatment or advice. Please consult your medical care provider in the first instance if you are unsure about how any of these suggestions will impact you.

Finally, all of us here at Click & Grow believe you deserve to thrive. May your New Year be filled with happiness, health and contentment.

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