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Click & Grow Cockscomb

Hey all and a happy starting year. Just wanted to let you know, what we have in store for you for the coming year.

At the moment we are sowing and packing 7 new plant cartridges. We hope that they will be ready for order from the beginning of February 2012. Stay tuned!

Our selection for this spring will feature:

  • Thyme - great for making tea or spicing up pizzas

  • Coriander - a cosmopolite among spiceplants. Fast growing, tasty and healthy

  • Parsley - a tasty and healthy addition to any kitchen windowsill.

  • Garden sage - a medicinal plant for making healthy tea which can even cure plague :)

  • Lemon balm or melissa - an aromatic and fast growing plant, which makes superior herbal tea.

  • Cockscomb - an exceptionally decorative and easy to grow flower

  • Lamb's ear - a perfect plant for children. A resistant plant covered in white soft fur!

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