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From the Click & Grow Labs: Smart Farm

Here at Click & Grow we believe the next green revolution will be in farming. The question we put to ourselves when we founded this company was, "How can technology change the paradigm of what it takes to have access to fresh produce in environments that are now considered food deserts?" If you live in a crowded city with very limited space or in an area far from arable land and with limited access to water your current options are limited or very expensive. 

The technology and purpose behind the Smart Farm is to create a product that can provide access to fresh food for a fraction of the cost one might find in today's cities. Our goal is to change the way families, civic institutions, schools and businesses think about food. From feeding a small family to a small neighborhood the Smart Farm is meant to be a scalable method of feeding every growing cities. 

After four years of work and research we are getting ready to launch our first Smart Farms in March of 2014. If you are interested in learning more about the technology behind the Smart Farm or to partner with Click & Grow on our journey please contact us at (in case you're wondering this email will reach our CEO and Founder, Mattias and our CTO, Martin).


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