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Bye-bye, Smart Flowerbed!


In 2011, we launched the Smart Flowerbed, revolutionising the way people grow plants. We've come a long way since then - continuously improving the products, releasing countless new plants, introducing the Smart Herb Garden to the world, taking all the lessons possible from the Y Combinator and coming up with the next big hit - the Smart Farm aka. the Robot Garden.

We have now decided to put our focus on the Smart Herb Garden and Smart Farm concept, and therefore discontinue selling the whole Smart Flowerbed collection in US from September 1, 2015, and everywhere else few months after that. Doing this will enable us to make our next big step - seriously conquer the urban farming industry with the Smart Herb Garden and the Robot Garden, and make Click & Grow the brand of the future of food.

Therefore, starting from September 1, 2015, none of the Smart Flowerbed products are going to be available in US online or offline. But no worries! To support the Smart Flowerbed owners there, we are going to continue selling Smart Flowerbed refills in our Amazon store for 1 year.

So it's time to get Christmas and beginning of school presents to your beloved ones in advance and stock up on refills yourself. To make the process easier and a lot more pleasant, we have started a clearance sale for our US customers for all Smart Flowerbed products! Until August 31, get:

Strawberry Starter Kit for $29.95 (old price $129.95)
Other Starter Kits for $15.95 (old price $79.95)
Smart Flowerbed Refills for $4.95 (old price $19.95)
Grow Light for $12.95 (old price $49.95)
+free shipping on orders over $50

Currently, this offer is valid for our US customers only. EU, Asia and International - your turn is coming soon!

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