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A Sneak-Peak Into Our Plant Tests: Experimental Refill for Smart Herb Garden

 Click & Grow Dwarf Basil for Smart Herb Garden plant test


The Experimental Refill for Smart Herb Garden is definitely the most utilized one in our HQ. Basically, 70% of plants growing there are something new, that're not out there yet. And it seems to be one of the most popular ones amongst the Click & Growers all over the world as well!


Get Experimental Refill


You guys are amazing for sharing your Smart Herb Garden experiments on Instagram - good job! But we still get quite a few requests to share our ideas of what to grow in your newly purchased, seedless Experimental Refill. We have written some suggestions down before, but hey - a real-life example is always better. So here is a little sneak-peak into our plant tests - inspire and get Click'n'Growin'!

If you haven't yet - share your newest experiments with us on Instagram, by tagging your picture #clickandgrow or posting them on our Facebook wall! They always cheer our R&D up on a down day.

Get Smart Herb Garden and start experimenting!



Sweet Alyssum

This little one might look like nothing much (except cute with no end), but it smells divine - just like honey!



Did someone say "Christmas"?


Purple Leaf Cabbage

We're trying to figure out how to make it even bushier, but is sure looks damn fine in the Smart Herb Garden. And hello - cabbage in a pot?! Hell yeah!


Blue Cornflower

Aka. Summer in Estonia - the birth land of Click & Grow.


Busy Lizzie

While we might have said our good-byes to Smart Flowerbeds, the plants do not go anywhere. This is how the Busy Lizzie Refill looks in Smart Herb Garden!


Painted Nettle

And another Smart Flowerbed soldier has moved sides to the Smart Herb Garden. Looking good, isn't it?


Dwarf Basil


No wonder we launched this one, right? Probably one of the best-looking Refills yet!


Get Dwarf Basil



French Marigold


You can't go wrong with this lady - it looks great in the Smart Herb Garden, and it has a beautiful, nostalgic scent. If you do give it a try, place it in all 3 slots of the Smart Herb Garden - it's gonna look quite impressive!

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