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    You might have noticed that the vegetables you get in the store do not really taste right in the last years. Tomatoes, that our parents shared sweet, flavorful memories about, are now...well, bland. But why is that? Have we gotten so used to the intense flavor pop sodas and BBQ ribs have to offer that we can't appreciate the good old tomato? Maybe, but that's not exactly it.

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    Why does our food taste like cardboard?


    Even though a screening of The Elf, Home Alone or The Grinch is mandatory every December, we're growing a little tired of the traditional oh-so-nice Christmas movie lists. And we're sure we're not alone in this - after all, the Click & Grow family is nothing but geeks, freaks and badasses. They even grow plants the badass way. (wink wink)

    So the status of being food tech geeks by day and movie geeks by night made us feel knowledgeable enough to drop you some alternative Christmas movie ideas. Sit back and enjoy!

    P.S. Merry Christmas.

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    7 Christmas Movies for Geeks, Freaks and Badasses


    From the beginnings of time, plants were there not only to feed us and make the world more beautiful, but also to deliver messages. We're sure you've read some old tale back when you were a kid about a man who gave a rose to his woman as a symbol of love. Even Shakespeare recognised violet to represent faith in his Hamlet.

    And so we asked ourselves - what if we'd thank the people around us with plants? After all - Thanksgiving is coming up soon! And this time we want to give a gift of meaning and life to our most beloved ones, rather than yet another Christmas sweater.

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    17 new ways to give meaningful thanks to someone

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    Internet is a glorious place - one can find anything here. You can learn it all from kissing and finding your TV remote to unlocking your cat's heart to emotion in no time. While a tutorial on how to make up a joke fast is no surprise to us (we all have at least one moment we could have used this), a promise on changing your cat's attitude from “I don't give a shit” to “You're the best human slave” sounds almost unbelievable. But there is, in fact, a very simple way - Catnip cookies (originally called “Kitty Kisses”). Here's what you do:

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    Catnip Cookies - Unlock Your Cat's Heart

  • Click & Grow blog: 3 life lessons of a hardware startup


    Here at Click & Grow, we put a lot of emphasis on the learning curve. The most common question after sharing successes or failures in our team meetings is “So what can we learn from this?”. Being founded back in October 2009, we have had roughly 2190 days of successes and failures as a company. 2190 days of valuable lessons and experiences.

    Watching the life of a hardware startup is like fast-tracking through life. Though it still takes years, companies mature way faster than we do, and learn the exact same lessons we are going to learn over the course of our lives. And as they say, wise men learn from their mistakes and wiser men learn from someone else's, so here they are - 3 life lessons from a hardware startup. 3 life lessons from Click & Grow for you to learn and inspire from.

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    3 life lessons from a hardware startup


    Parsley is one of the world's most popular herbs. It has been cultivated for 2,000 years, and was used medicinally long before that. Highly nutritious, it is a great addition to our Smart Herb Garden refill selection.

    Parsley has many health benefits and has been used as a cure for many ailments. It contains more vitamin C than any other standard culinary vegetable, approximately three times as much as oranges and about the same as blackcurrants, making it the ultimate vitamin bomb.

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    What's inside parsley?

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    We have already touched the topic of plant communication briefly before. While it might seem that each tree and flower is enjoying peace and solitude throughout its lifetime, it’s not entirely true. They're actually letting other plants and living creatures as far as miles away know of what's happening around by releasing specific chemicals, by transmitting electric signals, by releasing specific vibrations, by using their roots etc. The plants have actually gone as far as developing a “plant internet” that lets them communicate with each other. But the most noticeable tool of communication of plants is their movement. And we actually tend to use it for our own entertainment! Think of mimosa and you'll understand what we're talking about.

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    Some plants are basically tech gadgets. Here's why.